Support the PlasticScene Project

There are a few ways in which you can support the PlasticScene project.

Patreon – Support the PlasticScene project by making monthly donations to me via patreon. Every dollar counts, helps and goes a lot further than you would ever assume.

Wishlist  – I have a huge list of supplies that i use all the time in a variety of ways. If you want to support the PlasticScene project in a small, but also HUGE way you can directly buy plasticine, stamens, beads and other materials for me. Everything on this list is something i would love to use in bulk quantities, so if you’re in the mood to buy me 10,000 rhinestones or a few bags of lime green floam you know i’ll turn it into something truly magical.

Shop – Check out my online store and buy some of my works, designs, drawings and other products.

Custom Works – Email me to ask me about potential custom work I might be able to do for you. This includes plasticine pieces and sculptures in a select style or colour palette. I also love doing custom embroidery, and hand painted t-shirts.

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