iMessage Sticker Club

Do you want to sign up to receive sticker art from me, direct to your phone?

Simply send a message to and I’ll reply with sticker art as soon as I can. Some simple tips and rules:

  1. I highly recommend muting the conversation immediately. My sticker collages are sometimes very detailed and can be upwards of 30 notifications if I’m on a roll
  2. If you’re holding your phone while i’m sending sticker messages, try not to reply while i’m working, when you send texts it fucks up my alignment. I’ll send a blank message when each piece is “finished”
  3. Feel free to join in! Send me your favourite stickers, send me your own sticker collages, send me great images to work with as backgrounds.
  4. Send me a message at any time to opt out of receiving sticker art. Feel free to ask me to stop at anytime.

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