short post, quick update.

I have been invited to talk about my work at the SCI ART CBR meetup on Feb 13 (Event Page)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the artificial divide between science and art. As I am an extremely prolific maker titling works seemed ridiculous so I have started labelling them with a code i developed of XX.000000.00.000. being read as (letters to define the type of work).(date).(who worked on it).(sample number that day).

So a mixed media drawing on paper that I worked on yesterday would be MM.180205.10.001, a petri dish would be PD.180205.10.002, a sculpture would be 3D.180205.10.003 etc. (who worked on it is currently a binary code 10 means me, 11 means Laura and myself, 01 means just Laura)


I have also, slowly, started posting the petri dishes in chronological order over at the PlasticScene Instagram.

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