It’s funny how things come and go in waves. For a while there i was sure that blogging was dead and that Tumblr and Instagram would somehow be my salvation as an artist. Surely, because my work is so cool, bright and alien i would magically get internet famous and maybe manage to wrangle enough sales or patrons to support my work.

Of course, relying on apps, especially free apps, will always be flawed. After the introduction of a bunch of ridiculous popularity contest style algorithms to facebook, tumblr, instagram and even to some extent Twitter, I’ve realised that the best and only real way for me to share my work will have to be on my own website. Which I have had… since 2007. I keep knocking it down and rebuilding and now I have this tragic little blog with five posts on it.

So… let’s get started.

2017 was a pretty big year for me. I started the year off with #plasticscene17 at the you are here festival. It was the largest piece of art I’ve ever made, and I’m pretty sad I didn’t get any good photos or footage of it. However, most of the components remain and I am planning to use them in other pieces as time goes on. I don’t like waste, but I also don’t really mind my works being ephemeral.

During the year I also started encouraging my housemate/nanny/assistant start working on petri dishes. Laura has been with us on and off for almost three years and we have slowly morphed into weird little creepy art twins.

So far Laura has just been working on dishes that I have prepared the plasticine ingredients for, but her attention to detail, pedantry and anxiety fuelled love for stabbing 10,000 holes in something has made us an absolutely perfect team. I am excited about how much we will be able to produce together in 2018.

We went through every petri dish so far and collected the ones that we thought had something to say, or something we want to continue to explore. We found some really nice and simple tall display domes at IKEA and I have started planning a new more dimensional series of works.

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