I’m currently working on an immersive sculpture for YouAreHere this year as a continuation of my PlasticScene project that I’ve been tracking largely on Instagram for the last few years.

I decided that I wanted to create a space that was fully immersive after my experience in third year uni making a small dome full of texture to lay under.


I’ve been documenting the process of making this over on instagram, but realised that a lot of people are seeing daily closeups of beads and strange fabric, but still have no idea what the concept for the piece is. So this post is a vague outline of my intentions for those of you playing along at home.

My end goal is to create a box, approximately 2 x 1.6 x 1.8 m, that 1 or 2 people can climb inside and be fully immersed in an icecream coloured, alien environment. I work with a lot of very cheap, mass produced materials that are often associated with kids crafts, or tacky crafts, or low brow crafts. Mainly this is because my work is about pattern, growth and repetition and I need to use materials that I can access in bulk, but part of it is my deep desire to work with the kind of colour saturation you only get from plastics.

My process for this started in gathering inspiration images, and choosing a colour palette.         


I decided to divide the box into three main kinds of construction. The floor is going to be mostly woven and embroidered. I’m constructing the entire floor as a tapestry frame and working directly in it with yarns and stuffed stocking nylons to try an achieve a texture evocative of coral or thick rounded tufts of moss. I want PlasticScene17 to be gentle and welcoming, but also sturdy enough for the viewers to gently touch and interact with it.



I’m planning on making the walls of PlasticScene17 out of paper pulp and clay. I want to paint on a texture before creating a field of polyps made from twisted loops of wire and nylon stocking.

Hanging from the ceiling will hopefully be tentacles made from beads, and some stalactites of nylon and.. more beads


At this point I am furiously prepping as many materials as possible as I have eight weeks to construct the entire piece. I have beautiful and divine friends coming over to help me thread beads and piece together other fiddly bits that I can’t manage with two kids, under two, in two months.

Thanks for all your support. x

Feel free to ask any questions on my facebook page

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